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Fishing Line Chases Birds Away
Ordinary fishing line can be used to keep birds out of gardens, according to wildlife specialist Jim Knight at Montana State University.
  Stretching lengths of clear monofilament line across garden rows repels sparrows and many other birds. The line moves lightly in the air, making it seem to appear and disappear, which scares the birds, says Knight.
  He has found that 20-lb. test line seems to work the best. You just tie it to stakes about an inch above the rows when you plant the garden to keep them from digging up the seeds - then raise line up as the plants grow.
  On one test plot, Knight found that rows of line spaced 6 in. apart above strawberry beds completely eliminated fruit loss. He has also been successful protecting a full-size cherry tree by stringing line "teepee"- style from a pole standing at the center of the tree.
  In addition, fishing line strung along the eaves of a house or along building rafters will keep birds away.
  Knight says robins are the only birds he has so far seen that ignore the fishing line. (The Furrow)

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