Apronless Spreader Unloads With Hydraulics
Hydraulic spreaders may be the wave of the future and first out of Canada with all-hydraulic unloading is the Hydra-Spreader from Langille's Machine Shop, Ltd., Stewiack, Nova Scotia.
Unlike John Deere's just-introduced hydraulic spreader (featured in FARM SHOW's Vol. 4, No. 5 issue), which has a two-stage hydraulic pusher ram in line with the bed of the spreader, the Hydra-Spreader has just one 6-in. "push" cylinder. It pushes through an arrangement of angled push arms, providing uniform distribution in the field." says Bill Langille, manufacturer.
There is a second cylinder on the rear, rubber-sealed tailgate to lift it out of the box when unloading. The beater is pto-powered, which minimizes the hydraulics required. "Any tractor that can pull the spreader has enough hydraulics to unload it," says Langille. Capacity of his largest spreader is 10 cu. yards, or "well over 500 bu.".
"You can adjust the hydraulics to unload at practically any speed, depending on consistency of the manure you're hauling. With rubber-seals on both the tailgate and pushing end-gate, the spreader can handle even the soupiest liquids," according to Langille. "By eliminating all aprons, chains and sprockets, you eliminate most of the downtime problems of conventional spreaders. We've tested our Hydra-Spreader successfully under virtually all winter conditions."
The 500 bu. model sells for $10,800. A 350 bu. machine retails for $9,500.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Langille's Machine Shop, Ltd., Box 58, Stewiack, Nova Scotia BON 2JO (ph 902 378-2880).

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