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"Joe Dog" Trailers Handy Around The Farm
Here are a couple ways to build "joe dog" trailers for moving 5th wheel trailers around the farm using a tractor or pickup.
  The first is owned by Raymond and Jeff Thomas, Edinburg, Ill. It consists of a conventional 5th wheel mounted on a truck axle fitted with 22-ply airplane tires. The hitch comes to a point in front and is fitted with a conventional drawbar hitch. The men use it to pull a tanker truck and a large flatbed around their farm without the need to have a semi tractor available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Raymond Thomas, RR, Edinburg, Ill. 62531 (ph 217 623-5995).
  The second "joe dog" hitch was built by Tony's Welding, Shelbyville, Ill. It's a little different in that the fifth wheel frame and hitch are raised and lowered by a pair of air bags. To hook up, the trailer is backed into place under the hitch and the air bags inflated to make the fifth wheel connection. To disconnect, you just let the air out after lowering the jacks on the trailer.
  The trailer is fitted with dual conventional truck tires. The drawbar is fitted with a ball and socket. The axle used came off the rear end of a tractor.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tony's Welding, Rt. 16E, Shelbyville, Ill. (ph 217 774-2774).

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