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Truck Wheel Merry Go Round
A truck wheel, hub and front axle form the base of a merry-go-round built by Chester Grablis, Smyma, Tenn.
The spindle was welded solid to the front axle. The hub and wheel were put in place and measurements taken to determine how far the axle should set in the ground. The floor of the merry-go-round can be placed just above ground for young children, or at about 16 in. for older children.
The axle was anchored in a concrete base. The frame for the rider platform was made of salvaged pipe and angle iron welded to the truck wheel below. The hand-held upper pipes are welded to the frame below. Weather proof exterior plywood, cut to pie shape, bolts to the lower frame to make a solid platform. Edges were smoothed and several coats of paint applied to complete the project.

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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #5