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Video Bird-Feeder Lets You Watch Birds On TV
You can watch birds up close and personal on your TV with this new bird feeder that has a video camera built into it.
  "It brings your bird feeder right into your living room," says inventor Jeff Zernov.
  "Bird-Vu" is a plastic feeder with a built-in color video camera, microphone, and wireless transmitter. It comes with a remote receiver that you attach to a TV or VCR. The video camera and microphone are mounted on the unit's feed hopper and face the platform where the birds feed. No matter where the bird lands on the platform it's always within sight of the camera. The system sends audio and video signals up to 300 ft. through trees, brush and walls to the TV or VCR.
  The camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens and operates on either a battery or electric power.
  "The feeder is designed so the birds are always on camera. The microphone picks up tweets and chirps that normally aren't heard from more than a few feet away. With the birds up close you can see things you wouldn't normally see, such as the social interaction between individual birds. You can also learn the personalities and subtle color variations of individual birds.
  "A clear acrylic support archway allows you to hang a suet block, seed bell, or hummingbird feeder. It's really fun to watch hummingbirds live on your TV.
  "People in senior citizen homes love it because they can watch nature in action. When it's used with a big screen TV even visually challenged residents can see the birds, which they would never be able to see otherwise."
  According to Zernov, the Bird-Vu compliments any feeding stations that you may already have. "We recommend mounting it on top of a post so that the other bird feeders are in the background. That way you can see birds as they land on other feeders. Also, because the video camera's depth of field goes to infinity you'll be able to see birds up to 100 yards away as they approach the Bird-Vu."
  Sells for $499 plus S&H.
  For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nature Vision, Inc., 1701 College Road, Baxter, Minn. 56425 (ph 800 295-1546 or 218 825-0733; 0721; E-mail:aquavu.com; Website: www.birdvu.com).

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