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Build Yourself A Barrel Feeder
You'll like this new do-it-yourself kit that turns an ordinary 55-gal. drum into a universal pig and hog feeder.
The kit includes a base, flow adjustment controls, and a patented agitator that rotates the entire barrel so even the stickiest feeds can be used.
"Works as well for baby pigs as full-grown hogs because of the 5-in. higJi trough and easy moving agitator. Even with the low sides, the agitator design guarantees less waste," says Harold Stump, sales representative for R & D Equipment, Sioux City, Iowa. Flow rate is adjustable on top of the barrel.
"The key is being able to use your own barrel, which often outlasts factory-made drums three to one, and will cost less," Stump explains. "It's heavy enough that hogs can't knock it over, yet one man can move it."
The kit sells for $74.95.
For more information, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, R & D Equipment, P.O. Box 774, Sioux City, Iowa 51102 (ph 712 255-5205).

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