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Homebuilt Presses Remove Solid Rubber Tires
Stan Bahrns, Effingham, Ill.: If you've ever bought - or considered buying - a used forklift fitted with solid rubber tires, you'll be interested in a service provided by Stan Bahrns.
  The problem with the solid rubber tires is that they're extremely difficult to remove. Bahrns has built two powerful presses which will change the tires in minutes.
  Solid rubber tires come in nearly all sizes. Factory forklifts are often equipment with low profile tires because they only run on flat surfaces. When used on a farm, the forklifts should be fitted with bigger tires for handling uneven terrain.
  Bahrns built a stationary press for use back at his shop, and a portable press mounted on a trailer that he can take on the road. The portable press develops 137 tons of pressure. His shop press is even bigger, with a maximum pressure of 165 tons. A 5 hp. Honda engine and a 2-stage hydraulic pump power the portable press.
  To install a new solid rubber tire, the tire is placed over the old one. The old tire and rim rests on a die that is a little bit smaller than the rim. When the press comes down, the new tire is pressed on and the old one comes off at the same time.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan Bahrns, 1708 S. Banker, Effingham, Ill. 62401 (ph 217 342-2909).
  Bill Reeks, Cromwell, Ky.: "Here's a photo that shows how I solved the problem of carrying tools and miscellaneous supplies

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