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Post Pounder Equipped With Auger Digs "Starter" Hole For Post
Driving posts into dry, hard ground is not a problem for this new Australian-built post pounder that's being distributed in North America by Leo Van Sambeek of Hermosa, S. Dak.
  The 3-pt. mounted unit is equipped with a small auger that's used to dig a "starter" hole for the posts, which are then driven into the ground by a powerful pounder.
  "The starter hole lets this machine drive posts in straighter and tighter than any other machine on the market," says Van Sambeek. "On my ranch I've found that by first drilling a pilot hole, I can drive wood posts in rocky areas where before I couldn't even drive steel T posts. Because of the starter hole, wood posts can be driven in with less force, which reduces damage to the posts."
  The new unit is operated completely hydraulic. The auger drive unit mounts on a movable carriage that latches under the dolly. The operator simply raises the dolly, swings the auger into position, and locks it in place. Different auger sizes are available, and auger changes can be quickly made using square-shank augers with no shear pin. A special rock drilling auger is available.
  The entire unit can be hydraulically tilted 12 degrees forward, backward, or sideways, allowing it to be used on hills or sloping ground. A side-shift option can be used to move the unit to either side. A telescoping frame is available for installing tall posts. The frame stretches out to a full 11 1/2 ft.
  The controls are on back, and steel guards separate the operator from moving or dangerous parts of the machine.      "I learned about the machine during a search over the Internet. It was just what I was looking for so I ordered one. I was so pleased with it that I became a distributor," says Van Sambeek. "I've used my machine to set posts from 3 1/2 to 9 in. in diameter. I've got the side-shift option which I think is a must for repairing old fences. It lets the operator drive along the fence and shift the machine laterally out to the fence to replace broken posts.
  There's no need to back the tractor into the fence. The side-shift option also speeds up new fence construction because the tractor has to stay only within about 15 in. of the fence line. Hydraulically shifting the machine sideways to maintain alignment is a lot easier than moving the tractor.
  "A telescoping frame lets you set longer posts. I also recommend purchasing a pto-operated hydraulic pump (optional) if the machine will ever be switched between tractors. Custom mountings can be made for truck or other mountings. It can also be mounted on a Bobcat or other skid steer loader. However, the side shift option can be used only on the biggest skid steer models."
  A standard 3-pt. mounted machine equipped with a 3 3/4-in. dia. auger sells for $5,630 plus S&H; $7,430 when equipped with the side shift option; and $7,530 plus S&H when equipped with with a telescoping frame.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Leo L. Van Sambeek, HCR 89, Box 327-B, Hermosa, S. Dak. 57744 (ph 605 255-4356; fax 394-6456; E-mail: leo.van.sa mbeek@respec.com)

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