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Balzer Unveils "Steerable Axle" Grain Cart
"It has the same independent running gear we've been using on our liquid manure tanks for years," says Curt Aalderks, Balzer, Inc., Mountain Lake, Minn., about the company's just-introduced "steerable axle" grain carts equipped with high flotation tires to reduce compaction.
  The "Field Floater" grain cart, available in 1,000 to 1,500-bu. sizes, can be equipped with either walking tandem axles or independent triple axles. Hydraulic cylinders keep the steerable axles parallel to each other and allow them to follow the tractor's direction. When the cart is equipped with tandem axles only the rear wheels turn. When it's equipped with triple axles both the front and rear wheels turn.
  The steering design is automatically activated by the torque of the tractor as it turns. To back up, the tractor driver simply activates a hydraulic lever in the tractor cab to lock the tires straight. Putting the tractor hydraulics back in the float position allows the tires to turn and follow the tractor.
  "The combination of the steerable axles and high flotation tires results in less compaction than a single axle cart, and the same or less compaction than carts equipped with tracks," says Aalderks. "We offer various high flotation tire options for the lowest possible ground psi. A 1,000-bu. cart equipped with triple axles with 850/50-30.5 tires only exerts about 6.91 psi. A big advantage of the in-line wheel steering design is that it allows the use of high flotation tires, which no other grain cart manufacturer offers. And because the wheels always follow the tractor, the cart also pulls easier.
  "Another advantage is that the system costs much less than tracks. Our complete 1,000-bu. cart equipped with triple axles and 850/50-30.5 high flotation tires sells for about $30,000, which is about what the tracks alone sell for on Caterpillar's grain carts."
  The cart comes with a 16-in. dia. unloading auger which can empty 1,000 bu. of dry corn in only about 2 1/2 minutes. A 12-in. recessed floor auger keeps the unloading auger full during unloading.
  Optional equipment includes an electronic scale system, roll tarp, Halogen lights on the discharge auger, a grain tank, and a video camera system.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Balzer, Inc., Co. Rd. 27, Box 458, Mountain Lake, Minn. 56159 (ph 800 795-8551; Website: www.balzerinc.com).

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