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Posthole Digger Uses Water To Make Hole
It takes less than a minute to dig a 4-ft. post hole that's 4 in. in diameter with the new"Holey-Moley", a post hole digger that hooks up to a garden hose.
  "The beauty of this device is that it requires as little as 15 psi water pressure so it's never messy and uses a minimum amount of water," says Dale Alldredge, manufacturer and president of Snake River Tool Co.
  What's unique about the Holey-Moley is that you don't lift any dirt out of the hole and there's no back filling or tamping required, says Alldredge.
  To operate, you turn on the water and soak the ground for a few seconds. With slight downward pressure, the water flow loosens the dirt and you move the tool in a circular motion, then up and down. The water coming out of the tip loosens the dirt and puts it"into solution." The circular motion of the mandrel compacts the loosened dirt into the wall of the hole and the excess water either floods out the top of the hole or dissipates into the sides. When you put a post in the hole it displaces the water, but that water then flows back to the post, also bringing back the displaced dirt. When the water seeps away the dirt remains, and this is what sets the post without the need for tamping.
"People are amazed at the ease of digging," Alldredge says."The combination of the circular motion of the tool and the water flow is what does it."
  The device is available in two models. Model 2000 weighs 6.8 lbs., is 58 in. long, and is equipped with a 2-in. tip. This allows you to dig a hole up to 4 in. in diameter. The model 3000 is also 58 in. long but weighs 9.2 lbs. and is equipped with a 3-in. tip which is capable of digging a 7-in. dia. hole.
"Like all diggers, there are soil conditions that the Holey-Moley won't work in. However, if you can dig with a manual digger, then you can dig with the Holey-Moley," Alldredge says. "It's actually two tools in one because it also works exceptionally well for post removal or removal of small trees and shrubs. You can use the tool to create a space next to the object so that you can shake it loose."
  The Model 2000 is priced at $99 and the Model 3000 at $129. Shipping is approximately $10 per tool.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Alldredge, Snake River Tool Co., 325 Snake River Ave., Lewiston, Idaho 83501 (ph 877 372-7782 or 208 743-5355; fax 208 743-5371; E-mail: dale@holey-moley.com; Website: www.holey-moley.com)

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