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Remote-Controlled Fire-Fighting Nozzle Mounts On Pickup Bumper
"We've had tremendous interest from local fire departments and some large farmers who do a lot of burning," says Warren Redden, inventor and manufacturer of the "Range Fire Terminator" a remote-controlled fire-fighting nozzle that mounts on the front bumper of a truck.
  Movement of the nozzle is controlled by a joy stick inside the cab. A powerful light mounts directly on top of the nozzle so it moves as the nozzle moves, making it easy to see, even at night.
  "You don't even have to get out of the truck for some fires. One firefighter told me he got called to a car fire along a road one cold night and he just pulled up and put it out without even climbing out of the truck. It puts water precisely where you need it," says Redden.
  The nozzle puts out 20 to 95 gpm at 120 to 130 psi. It can be adjusted from inside the cab. Depending on the truck, it can be mounted on a tilt-down bracket so you can simply fold it forward when you need to get under the hood.
  "It lets you start fighting a fire as soon as you drive up. And if the wind changes, you don't have to haul hoses you just move the truck. It's great on grass fires because you can cover a lot of ground fast," notes Redden.
  All electric motors are enclosed. Steel parts are zinc-plated or powder coated. All hardware is stainless steel. The nozzle swings 220 degrees. Vertical travel is 60 degrees.
  Sells for $4,400. Redden will build a do-it-yourself mounting kit to fit almost any truck.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Warren Redden, TRG, Inc., 9440 S. Kipp Rd., Gypsum, Kan. 67448 (ph 785 536-4348; fax 785 536-4377; Website: http://www. wwwebservice.net/terminators/; E-mail: trg@sesaline.com).

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