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Giant-Sized Mailbox
After my mailbox was stolen I decided to make it difficult for the next thief. I used an old 200-gal. oil tank to make a giant-sized mailbox that measures 5 ft. long and 4 ft. high. The flag on it stands 4 1/2 ft. high. I made it by cutting the bottom half of the tank off, then bolting an angle iron frame to both sides of the tank. I attached a piece of plywood to the bottom. I bolted the big mailbox to the top of a 4-in. dia. steel pipe that's anchored in a cement block under the ground. I cut a 1 1/2-ft. sq. hole into one end of the tank and used a hinged steel plate to make the door.
  I tell people that I had to build it because we get a lot of big bills. But they tell me I built it because I have so many big checks coming in. Anyway, the mail looks pretty small inside it. Junk mail tends to get blown into the back corners of the box. To clean the box out I just put my 5-year-old boy inside. (Paul Gerber, Rt. 1, Gadshill, Ontario, Canada N0K 1J0 ph 519 656-3424)

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