2000 - Volume #24, Issue #1, Page #33
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Homemade Gate Latches

Here are a pair of simple gate latches that might help others out. They didn't cost anything and were easy to make. Neither of them extends out into the gate opening when unlatched.
  The first consists of a 1/2-in. dia. rod that extends all the way through the wooden fence post and then 2 to 3 in. into the top rail on the gate. A simple lock hasp, that closes over an eye screw, logs the pin in place.
  The other latch I made consists of a U-shaped metal bracket welded to the end of an old barn door hinge. It simply flips down over the top of the gate. Works good for lightweight walk-through gates although you could build it as heavy as needed for any size gate. (Marland M. Old, Rt. 1, Box 141B, New Boston, Texas 75570)

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #1