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Bin Aeration Floor
It adapts to any size and shape bin, works with all types of grain and is factory warranted to support any depth of grain, making it especially suited to tall silos being converted for grain storage, says North American Agricultural, Schaumburg, Ill., manufacturer of a new-style aeration floor for grain bins.
Designed for do-it-yourself installation, it's made of 20 ga. hardened steel plate with "hooded" punched openings which grain kernels can't block, assuring a uniform 10% air flow opening with all types of grain, notes Don Gehradini, distributor.
Other key features include:
•Fast, easy installation: "Two men can install a 20 ft. dia. floor in two hours: We furnish blueprints which show how to cut outer sheets so there's no wasted material," says Gehradini. Individual sheets are 36 in. wide, 90 in. long and weigh 37 lbs., making them easy to handle and ship.
•Strong support structure: Metal support legs, used in conjunction with wood 2 by 4 stringers, provide a 12 or 16 in. high plenum chamber (27in. optional). The support structure doesn't add to fan back pressure, giving you complete freedom to position drying fans.
Cost of the flooring is $1.20 per sq. ft. Equipping an 18 ft. dia. bin, for example, would cost $406 for flooring, plus $350 for the support legs (12 in.) and lumber (No. 1, stress grade Southern yellow pine 2 by 4's).
For more information, contact: Tri-Add Industries; Don Gehradini, Pres.; Box 325, Rt. 3; Sullivan, Ill. 61951 (ph 217 728-8945).

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