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No Chimney Fireplace Burns Farm Alcohol
You'll like this new "no chimney" fireplace that burns clear, clean alcohol made from farm crops instead of wood.
Gloria D. Hilker came up with the idea for apartment dwellers and other people who can't have a conventional fireplace. However, the stove has worked so well she says her customers think the new freestanding fireplace is a better choice than a wood stove for almost anyone.
"There's no expensive chimney or support structures required. You can set it up anywhere. There's no smoke or ashes because it burns completely clean with no harmful by-products given off into the atmosphere. And, unlike most wood stoves and fireplaces with vents, it's 100% efficient. All of the heat - 15,000 btu's/hr. - stay in the house rather than going up a chimney," Hilker told FARM SHOW.
The portable fireplace is 26 in. in dia. and 41 in. high. It's black with mesh screens around the sides. The burning chamber of the stove rotates so you can easily turn it toward any part of the room.
Inside the burning chamber there's a set of "logs" with a 1-gal. reservoir and two burners. To start the fire, you simply fill the reservoir with alcohol, open the valve to the burners, and light them. The flame looks like a wood-flame thanks to an additive in the alcohbl and it can be shut off any-time by closing the valve and extinguishing the burner.
"There's absolutely no smell and we've passed all state and federal regulations concerning emissions. And, unlike wood stoves which require constant attention, it'll burn unattended," says Hilker.
The stove, which folds down for easy shipping, sells for $700. A case of alcohol fuel, containing four 1-gal. jugs, sells for $26. A gallon of fuel burns for about 4 hrs. The log set and alcohol burners are also available separately for installation in existing fireplaces. You can also build a conventional brick fireplace - without having to build a chimney - and install the alcohol unit.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Londonderry Office Park, 5780 Lincoln Dr., Edina, Minn. 55436 (ph 612 933-8991).

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