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Farm Gates Made From Steel Pipe
Here's a way to make farm gates using steel pipe for the frame and angle iron for the hinge. Make the gate out of 3/4-in. dia. pipe with L-shaped hooks on top and make the gate posts on either side out of 1-in. dia. pipe so that the hooks on the gate fit into the top of the posts. Near the bottom end of one side of the gate, weld a piece of angle iron with the bottom of the "V" against the gate and the inside of the "V" against the 1-in. gate post. The weight of the gate will keep the angle iron against the post, so that it acts as afree-swinging hinge. It's simple and uncomplicated and you can just lift the gate off to get it out of the way when needed. (J.H. Salmon, 220 Anderson Dr., Erie, Penn. 16509)

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1993 - Volume #17, Issue #1