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Flow Control Spout Prevents Grain Loss
This Flow Control add-on spout from Calmar Industries Ltd. prevents grain and oilseed loss and makes unloading easier. The accessory for combine and grain carts fits all 10 to 14-in. dia. top and bottom swing augers.
  According to Brian Galenzoski of Calmar, the Flow Control kit comes in two styles. The FC-1 is for combines while the FC-2 is designed for grain carts. They both perform essentially the same function, which is to extend the reach of the auger by 24 in. and then direct grain straight down into the truck or grain cart.
  "Our kit concentrates the flow of grain to prevent loss due to splash, spillage or wind loss," he says. "This is done by the concentration of the flow, so instead of the spray type pattern that comes out of the combine auger due to the spin of the flighting, the grain is forced into a tight concentric flow that keeps the wind from blowing the grain onto the ground."
  The kit consists of two parts: the spout portion, which encloses the grain for an additional 28 to 30 in. (depending on the angle of the auger), and the second optional extension that will bring the total extension length to about 48 in. The extensions are removable, should the combine owner want to change the size of truck or grain cart at a later date.
  The patent-pending unit is designed for easy installation. It's made out of heavy-duty polyethylene.
  The FC-1 retails for $189 U.S. ($249 Canadian), while the FC-2 is priced at $129 U.S. ($179 Canadian). Prices include shipping and handling and the device is UPS shippable from U.S. and Canadian warehouses.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Galenzoski, Calmar Industries Ltd., 602B 51st Street East, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, S7K 7K3 (ph 800 561-7867 or 306 975-1999; fax 306 975-7175; E-mail: calmar@calmarindustries.com; Web site: www.calmarindustries.com

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