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Post Anchor Keeps Fence Posts From Pulling Up Out Of Ravines
Keeping a fence in place at the bottom of a ravine isn't easy, because the upward pressure from the fence on either side of the ravine tends to pull the post up. A new "post anchor" that attaches to any standard steel post holds the post down, solving the problem, says inventor Patrick Fordyce of Hilger, Mont.
  The winged "anchor" measures about 4 by 7 in. The upper half has a 45 degree wing on each side, while the diamond-shaped bottom half has two slots in it. To attach the anchor to a post you line up the knobs on the post with the slots and then use a hammer to pound the knobs flat. After the post is driven into the ground, the natural upward pull of the fence begins to uproot the post. As soon as the post starts to move up, the wings on the top half of the anchor flatten out to keep the post from going up any farther.
  "It works better than anything else we've ever tried," says Neta Fordyce. "We have a lot of steep ravines here with rocky bottoms where it's not easy to dig holes for a post. We came up with the idea about three years ago and so far they've worked great in both marshy land as well as rocky ground. It's a lot easier and much less time consuming than using a large rock or log to anchor the post."     The Fordyces say they have a supply of post anchors on hand if anyone wants to give them a try. They sell for about $5 apiece including S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Patrick Fordyce, 1170 Salt Creek Road, Hilger, Mont. 59451 (ph 406 462-5611).

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