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More On AerWay Tillage Tools
I'd like to thank FARM SHOW for featuring my modification kit for AerWay tillage tools and for printing information from both myself and the manufacturer on issues relating to its performance.
   Since your original article (Vol. 23, No. 3), I've heard from farmers and dealers all over North America with AerWay equipment. So far we've hosted two half-day meetings here in Indiana explaining what I think are the problems with AerWay equipment as it's currently being built, and how to solve them.
  We also noted with interest the response printed in the last issue from the president of Holland Equipment, the North American manufacturer of AerWay equipment. Without going into specific detail about every issue he raised, I'd like to point out that the basic issue still remains: The AerWay model being sold to farmers does not work like the original machine out of New Zealand. I don't feel Holland Equipment has done a good enough job of communicating that to its agricultural customers. That's what I'm trying to do, and I've also developed a modification kit that fixes problems on existing machines. (Jim Martindale, North American Agro, 8865 North C.R. 600W, Cipio, Ind. 47273 ph 812 392-3060 or 812 579-6711).

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