Automatic Coupler For Tractor PTO'S
Without leaving the tractor seat and without activating levers of any kind, the driver can engage and disengage the new automatic pto coupler developed at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Tastrup, Denmark.
The new coupler is unique in that it automatically locks together as soon as the male shaft is inside the conical half of the coupler mounted on the tractor. When the shaft is inserted and it begins to rotate, it causes latches on the conical guide to trip, locking the cone and guide together. To disengage, the implement is first drawn back so that the shaft retainers ride up in the groove, retracting the latches and releasing the cone from the guide.
"This is a really unlike previous attempts to build an automatic pto, which involved a switch you had to trip, or a latch to hook up," explains S. Sonne Kofoed, of the agricultural institute. He notes that the new quick coupler has only been used on quick-attach 3-pt. mounted equipment but that there's no reason it won't work with trailing implements. The institute has been in touch with U.S. manufacturers and welcomes all inquiries.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, S. Sonne Kofoed, Institute of Agricultural Engineering, 2630 Tastrup, Denmark (ph 02 992613).

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1982 - Volume #6, Issue #4