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Hand-Held Computerized "PowerTurner" For Pickups
Jim McFarland, Hypertech Inc., Memhis, Tenn.: You can bring the engine in your late model pickup up to peak performance with this new high-tech hand-held computerized "power tuner" that Jim's company sells.
  "Until 1997, it was relatively easy to change factory-installed performance parameters simply by changing chips in the on-board computer. Then manufacturers went to non-changeable chips," Jim says.
  "Our Power Programmer is a microprocessor about the size of two packs of cigarettes that plugs directly into the diagnostic port of the engine. After you turn it on, it reads the truck's VIN number and the factory-programmed on-board computer codes. Then it'll ask what, if any, parameters you want to change. For instance, you can change the settings on the top speed limiter, the transmission shift firmness, the transmission shift points, the engine rev limiter. Lets you make adjustments to increase horsepower and torque for hauling heavier loads, as well as to improve fuel economy, depending on the job you're doing."
  Available for all GM pickups and for Ford and Chrysler pickups, 1996 on.
  Sells for around $350.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hypertech Inc., 1910 Thomas Road, Memphis, Tenn. 38134-6315 (ph 800 934-9737 or 901 382-8888 for technical information).

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