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State-Of-The-Art "Blaster" Uses Baking Soda Instead Of Sand
Baking soda does as good a job stripping off paint as sand but does less damage to the metal underneath, says Absolute Strippers, Garden City, Kan., about its new "Soda Blaster".
  It hooks up to any stationary or portable compressor that can maintain 100 psi, using specially formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to safely remove paint and residue from equipment. You pour the soda into the SodaBlaster and then hook the air compressor up to a coupler on the blasting unit. The company sells the sodium bicarbonate in 50-lb. bags.
  "Baking soda isn't as abrasive as sand so it can remove paint and residue without damaging the underlying surface, even if it has a galvanized or anodized finish," says Rod Huse, Sodablaster distributor. "Unlike other blasting media that pit the surface of the material being stripped, it works great for pickups, farm implements, antique tractors, etc. If you want, you can remove only the paint from a galvanized surface but leave the galvanized coating."
  A water-powered unit, called a "SoluBlaster", mixes high pressure cold water from a power washer with soda to remove grease. "It works great for cleaning and degreasing engines and equipment as well as cleaning shop floors," says Huse. "It's better than a steam cleaner or high pressure washer because it dissolves the grease instead of just moving it from one surface to another. It turns the grease into a soap that can be washed harmlessly down the drain and is EPA approved. It desired, the unit can etch a painted surface, so that it can be repainted without having to sand."
  The SodaBlaster comes in five different models with capacities ranging from 1/2 bag to 8 bags. The model SB 50 has a 1/2-bag capacity and is designed to be used with a 3 to 18 hp air compressor. It sells for $2,195 plus S&H. The SoluBlaster SU-200 has a 2-bag capacity and sells for $995 plus S&H. The soda sells for $30 per 50-lb. bag; cost is less with quantity discounts. Dealerships are available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rod Huse, Absolute Strippers, 805 North Fifth, Garden City, Kan. 67846 (ph 316 272-0492).

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