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Homemade Bench Grinder
Barry Clohassey, Tignish, P.E.I.: "With good bench grinders selling for $75 to $150, I decided to build my own using a pair of 1/4 hp electric motors salvaged from old household appliances. I welded a 3 1/2-ft. length of 2-in. dia. steel pipe on top of a 15-in. dia. wheel rim, which serves as the base. A rectangular steel bracket was welded on top of the pipe and the motors were then fastened on top of it. Both motors are wired to a switch that mounts under the bracket. One motor drives a grinding wheel and the other motor drives a wire brush. I had an electrician reverse one of the motors so that both of them turn in the same direction. My total cost was only about $20.
  "I also made my own chop saw by mounting a 14-in. dia. cutting wheel on the threaded end of a 1-in. dia. shaft which rides on two 1-in. pillow block bearings. The wheel is belt-driven by a 1 1/2 hp electric motor equipped with a gear reduction pulley. The saw table is built out of sq. steel tubing and flat bar. The saw hinges on a length of sq. tubing that rides inside two short lengths of round pipe. The motor is mounted behind the saw and serves as a counter balance to keep the saw in the Šup' position until it's needed. A steel guard protects the operator. We use this saw a lot in our shop to cut anything from 3/4-in. sq. tubing up to heavy truck springs."

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