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Air Scoop For Deere 9000 Series Combines
Thanks to all the FARM SHOW readers we've worked with over the years or who have requested information about combine add-on products from Kuchar Combine Performance.
  We wanted to show you our latest new ideas. The first is an Air Scoop for Deere 9000 Series combines. It consists of a small scoop that mounts on the underside of the top chaffer. It comes with a flat plate that directs air under the top chaffer toward the Air Scoop. The problem is that the factory design allows too much air to go over the top of the chaffer. By redirecting more air under the top chaffer and up through the air scoop at the front of the chaffer - where most of the cleaning is done - we can greatly increase the cleaning ability and capacity.
  We also recently came out with filler plates for rotors on Gleaner N-Series combines and forward. They solve a problem that has plagued Gleaner owners since these combines were introduced. The filler plates keep material out of the cylinder so you can run slower and do less damage to the crop. The plates simply bolt in place between rasp bars all the way around the cylinder.
  We also do tremendous business in filler plates for Deere 9000 Series combines. Deere makes filler plates that leave the cylinder too round, so the cylinder looses a lot of its aggressiveness. Our filler plates are inset so that you don't loose the aggressiveness and the cylinder still creates a vacuum that helps do a better job cleaning. (George Kuchar, Kuchar Combine Performance, P.O. Box 595, Carlinville, Ill. 62626 ph 217 854-9838)

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