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Mini 4-WD Tractor Built Out Of Odds And Ends
"It's just a toy right now, but I eventually plan to equip it with a front-mount mower," says Don Moss who built a mini 4-WD articulated tractor out of odds and ends just to see if he could.
    The Tallula, Ill., inventor and his friend, Jesse Schafer of Petersburg, Ill., started the project just after Thanksgiving and finished in March. Most of the parts, including two rear ends out of old lawn tractors, were donated by friends.
    They started building the tractor, which is powered by a 2-cyl. 18 hp Onan lawnmower engine, by making a two-section 9-ft. long frame out of 1 1/2 by 3 and 1 1/2 by 2-in. flat iron.
    The 12-in. wide frame matches the two Cab Cadet hydrostatic rear ends. The articulation joint was made using three ball joints off a tractor 3-pt hitch lift arms in V-shaped brackets that pin together.
    The 5/8-in. dia. driveshaft on the front unit was extended 20 in. and fitted with two U-joints to join it with the rear unit.
    The steering column, hydraulic divider box and pair of master cylinders off an old 303 IH combine were used for steering and articulation. The 1 by 10-in. cylinders, originally used to raise and lower the combine reel, mount along the frame between the front and rear sections of the tractor.
    A hydraulic pump off an old lawnmower mounts underneath the seat behind the front hydrostatic transmission. It's joined with the rear transmission by a pulley on the pump and one on the drive shaft with a V-belt running between them.
    The men used two sets of Cub Cadet 8 by 12-in. tires for the tractor's duals, which make the tractor 5 ft. wide. They used 6-in. shop-built spacers to help mount them.
    A grille was fashioned out of iron mesh, a grille bracket out of 1/4 by 3-in. flat iron, and a hood out of 16-ga. sheet metal. Dual exhaust pipes were fabricated out of 4-in. dia. pipe.
    "I've driven it quite a bit and it works fine. I'd rather drive it than a 4-WD ATV," Moss says. "It was great fun building it."
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Moss, R.R. 1, Box 27, Tallula, Ill. 62688 (ph 217 634-4158).

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