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Simple Way To Tell Grain Level In Bins
"It's the best and easiest way ever designed to monitor the level of grain inside a bin," says inventor Bill Baker of Agtron Enterprises, Inc., about his new "Bin Tape" - a pressure-activated tape that'll measure the exact level of grain, fertilizer or any other granular material.
  Bin Tape consists simply of a 3-in. wide fabric strip with an electric circuit inside. It simply hangs from the top of a bin down to the floor (or as far down as you'd like to measure). Pressure from grain on the Bin Tape sends an electric signal to a monitor outside the bin.
  Baker says the tape works off electric conductivity. "Unlike other devices that measure the level of grain inside a bin, there are no moving parts. Nothing to wear out. And it gives you an accurate reading of wherever grain is inside the bin. Most devices just tell you when the bin is full. This tells you exactly how much grain is in the bin at all times," notes Baker.
  The tape is easy to use. It simply hangs in the center of the bin from a grommet on the upper end. A wire runs to a monitor outside the bin.
  Baker is test marketing the Bin Tape this summer. If all goes well, he hopes to put it on the market next year. He also manufacturers an innovative line of air seeder monitors that are on the market.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Baker, Agtron Enterprises Inc., Box 1160, Saskatoon, Sask. S7K3N2 Canada (ph 800 667-0640 or 306-934-0640; Web Site: www.agtron.com).

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