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Shop-Built Raccoon Trap Works Better Than Store Bought
"It works better than any treadle-type live trap," says Don McColl who built a fool-proof raccoon and skunk trap out of an old water heater and scrap metal.
  The Neidpath, Sask., farmer started by cutting the bottom out of a 3 1/2-ft. long, 16-in. dia. water heater tank.
  A heavy 6 by 6-in. trap door made out of 1/4-in. thick steel slides up and down freely in "tracks" made from scrap metal. A pivoting trigger with a bolt through one end holds the gate in the "up" position. A wire runs from the bolt to a hole in the top of the tank. An open sardine hangs from the wire inside the tank. McColl puts bait in the can.
  When a raccoon or skunk reaches up to get the bait, it pulls the wire, pulling out the bolt and sending the door slamming shut.
  "We caught three young raccoons within a week of building it," McColl says. "The next week we caught a good-sized skunk. We've used it in the yard and around our granaries with equally impressive results. For bait, we've used sardine oil, salmon, chicken, even bread and butter."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don McColl, P.O. Box 37, Neidpath, Sask., Canada S0N 1S0 (ph 306 553-2319 or 2321).

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