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Tractor-Mounted Saw Makes Tree-Trimming Safe
"Before we built this trimmer, we used to stand in a loader bucket and used a chain saw to trim trees," says Roger Elliott, who, along with his brother Bruce and late father Paul, made a 3-pt, boom-mounted buzz saw that they use to trim tree limbs along field edges.
  The Montrose, Ill., farmers average one or two days a year trimming oaks, hickory trees, and hedgerows with what they call a "Boombuzzer". It lets them trim limbs up to 30 ft. high from the safety of their tractor cab.
  The men built a 24-ft. long boom out of 4 by 6-in. sq. tubing affixed to a frame that mounts on the 3-pt. The frame is raised and lowered by a 4-in. hydraulic cylinder off an old truck winch.
  A 26-in. dia. blade off an old buzz saw mounts on the end of the boom, which is trussed for extra strength. The saw is direct driven by a hydraulic motor powered by tractor hydraulics. The Elliotts made a mandrill out of 1 1/2-in. dia. cold rolled steel to mount the blade and a flex coupling to compensate for any misalignment of the blade during use.
  The rig allows the Elliotts to trim limbs from 3 ft. off the ground up to 30 ft. high.
  "We always try to make cuts from the top down to avoid pinching the blade and try to work with the saw as far back from the tractor as possible," Roger says. "It's a well balanced machine and the only thing I can think of that would improve it is if we had a bi-directional tractor to use with it so we wouldn't have to turn around all the time."
  Out-of-pocket expense was under $300.
  "It was well worth our time and money," Roger says. "The safety aspects of this rig far outweigh the investment."
  For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger and Bruce Elliott, 19478 North 400th St., Montrose, Ill. 62445 (ph 217 924-4350).

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