1999 - Volume #23, Issue #3, Page #07
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"Positioning Light" Makes It Easy To Unload Grain From Trucks, Wagons

"Our new electric eye setup takes the guesswork out of unloading grain from trucks and wagons," says Larry Hinderks, Webster City, Iowa.
  The "Precise Positioning Light" consists of an electric eye wired to a 100-watt Halogen light bulb mounted on top of a steel rod attached to a stand. You place a strip of reflective tape on the side of the truck or wagon. When the electric eye strikes the tape as you pull into the unloading area, the light beam reflects back, closing the circuit and turning on the light bulb to alert the driver.
  "It's much more exact than using colored flags or blocks of wood and much more convenient to use," says Hinderks. "Every time the light comes on you know you're in the right place to dump grain. It works great with any equipment that requires accurate positioning including single or double bottom dump-semi grain trailers, honey wagons with top fill, etc. It's especially helpful with double wagons where the driver is way out in front of the second wagon."
  The kit includes light, the stand and rod that supports the light, and four 3 by 8-in. strips of tape. Additional strips can be purchased separately.
  Sells for $260 including S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Hinderks, 812 South St., Webster City, Iowa 50595 (ph 515 832-4441 or 5018)

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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #3