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One Legged 3 Tank fuel stand
Arvid Whitehead, Red Deer, Alberta. made a one-legged, three-tank 1,500-gal. fuel stand by erecting a single concrete pillar with a platform on top for less than $100.
"It looks neat and it's easier to mow around," says Whitehead. "Mounting three conventional fuel tanks on legs would take up more space and would require mowing around 12 different legs. With this set-up I only have to mow around one leg."
Whitehead poured a 6-ft. deep concrete footing and then mounted a 3-ft. high, 12-in. dia. masonite-covered "sonotube", used to form concrete footings or pillars, on top. He also cut the bottom out of a 10-in. high, 12-in. dia. fiberglass flowerpot and mounted it on top of the sonotube, then filled both the sonotube and flower-pot with concrete. The flower pot helped funnel concrete into the tube and made the pillar taller.
Four lengths of 1-in. dia. rebar extend 1 in. out the top of the pillar. Whitehead welded a nut on top of each rebar, then bolted a 1-in. thick round steel plate onto each rebar. He used 2 by 2-in. sq. tubing and sheet metal to build a 5-ft. long cradle for the tanks, then welded the cradle to the steel plate. He used 1/8 by 2-in. steel straps to secure each tank to the cradle.
The top tank and one of the bottom tanks hold diesel fuel and are hooked up together.
Contact: FARM SHOW, Arvid J. Whitehead, Rt. 2, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 5E2 (ph 403 347-0207).

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