1998 - Volume #22, Issue #6, Page #08
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"Flat Proof" Tire For Center Pivots

There's no air in this flat-proof tire for center pivot irrigation systems. It's equipped with hollow rubber segments that bolt onto a special-made steel wheel.
The "Air Boss" is an 11.2 by 38 tire equipped with alternating, self-cleaning bolt-on lugs. The tire is about one third wider than a conventional center pivot tire and has a flat-ter shape, allowing more of its surface to directly contact the ground which results in better flotation and shallower ruts. The lugs provide a "cushioning" effect that's easy on equipment and also greatly reduces ruts. The hollow rubber segments have no pressurized air chambers so there's no need to check or "top up" air pressure as with conventional pneumatic tires. If the segments get damaged they can be replaced individually in the field without having to remove the tire.
The tires sell for about $550 apiece. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, L & M Mfg., Inc., Box 63, 304 Perkins Ave., Elsie, Neb. 69134 (ph 800 676-3747 or 308 228-2218; fax 2233).

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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #6