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New Container For Burying Valuables
Precious metals, money, or weapons and ammunition can be buried in the ground and preserved indefinitely in the "Cache It," a PVC cylindrical storage container that comes in a variety of sizes.
PVC is the same corrosion-proof material commonly used for underground water pipelines, according to Eldon Morgan, general manager of the retail division of S.I. Equipment, Carson, Cal. manufacturer of the "Cache It." He notes that the container seals tightly and lets in no moisture or air. It does not rust or collect minerals.
Two types of containers are offered, the most popular being the reusable one, which can be opened, the contents checked, and the unit resealed. One end of the pipe-like unit has a permanent cap, sealed on at the factory. The other end has a cap that the user puts on, using plumber's pipe thread compound to seal the cap. A lower-cost model seals on both ends for burial. It then has to be broken to be opened.
The 2 by 12 in. reusable model sells for $18.50, plus shipping. A 6 by 48 in. reusable model sells for $75, plus shipping. There are four models between the 2 by 12 in 8 and the 6 by 48 in. models.
Information sheets are supplied, which suggest good places to hide the "Cache It". For example, says Morgan, if you want to bury something metal, which a metal detector would be drawn to, bury the unit under a water pipe. Or, bury it a couple of feet below some buried scrap metal. A person operating a metal detector probably would stop at the scrap metal and dig no further.
The PYC walls of the unit are about 3/16 in. thick.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, S.I. Equipment, Ltd., 16809 South Central Ave., Carson, Calif. 90746 (ph 800 4212179 toll free).

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