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"Flameless Welding" Product Eliminates The Need To Weld
Ron Casper, I-Con, Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Ron has been selling a "flameless welding" product to big grain companies for years. Abraso-Weld, or "metal in a can", has been used by Cargill and others to make industrial-size repair jobs without requiring conventional welding.
  The company recently began offering its product in a "mini kit" that's ideal for farmers with smaller metal repair jobs. The product consists of three components - a special liquid epoxy, a clear activator, and an aggregate, silicon sand.
  To use, you first cover the hole to be filled with masking tape to hold the patch in place until it cures, which takes four hours at 80 degrees F (slightly longer at lower temperatures). You mix up enough product as needed for the repair, then apply liberally with a putty knife. Wet the tools with mineral spirits if a smooth surface is desired.
  The product is impact and abrasion resistant, non-toxic and unaffected by solvents, mild acids and alkalis. It can be machine turned, drilled, tapped, and used to plug heavy cast iron castings, and repaired areas are stronger than surrounding metal, according to the company.
  The "mini kit" contains enough material to cover 20 sq. ft. and sells for $60.15 plus S&H. Also available in two larger sizes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Intercontinental Coatings Corp., 16744 West Park Circle Drive, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 (ph 888 881-4266 or 440 543-3114).

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