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Sorting Tray For Bolts Made From Plascic Laundry Detergent Bottle
Bill Reeks, Cromwell, Ky.: "You can make a large sorting tray for bolts, nuts and other small parts using a large plastic laundry detergent bottle. Just remove one side and lay it flat. After you've found what you want, you can screw off the top and pour the parts back into a storage jar. Handy and quick.
  "I also use detergent bottles to carry oil and mixed gasoline for my chainsaw. I put a 50:1 mix of gas and oil into a larger red bottle and chain oil in a smaller blue bottle. Then I tie the handles together with a length of cord to make them easy to carry out to the woods. These types of bottles now have built-in pouring spouts so no funnel is needed. Very handy."

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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #2