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Homemade Twine Cutter For New Holland Round Baler
Donald Albright, Perkins, Okla.: "Recently, one of your readers wrote in about problems he was having with the string cutter on his older New Holland round baler. I

had the same problem and wanted to pass along the way I solved the problem.
  "I made a new twine cutter using two sickle blade sections. One welds to the existing string guide. The other bolts to the lower corner of the welded blade and swings freely back and forth. A small piece of metal plate welds to the bottom of the welded blade. A spring runs from this plate to the hinging blade. A rope runs from the tractor through a series of eye-bolts to the hinging blade. To cut the twine, I just pull on the rope and the sections scissor together to cut. The spring pulls the hinged blade back into cutting position. Would likely work on any baler.
  "Like the other FARM SHOW reader, I have also started running two strings together in this baler. It really helps hold the bale better. I've tied over 100 bales this way and it has worked out well."

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