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Wheel Makes Swinging Gates Easier To Handle
You can make swinging gates easier to handle by bolting a wheel to the end. We used a small wheel from our junkpile and a couple blocks of wood to bolt it to the bottom rail. Lets the gate roll easily back and forth without sagging on the hinge. There are commercial units on the market but you can do this for nothing if you've got an old wheel around.
  Another idea we came up with is to drape used tires over calf hutches to anchor the buildings in the wind. These hutches stand outside the University's dairy barn. We just tie a couple tires together and throw them over the top of a hutch. Works good and is easy to do. (Wayne King, Iowa State University, 2015 Agronomy Bldg., Ames, Iowa 50011 ph 515 294-0359)

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1999 - Volume #23, Issue #2