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Hay Condiitoner Also Works As An Inverter And "Fluffer"
"Our new ReCon 200 hay conditioner is bigger than most conventional conditioners and operates at higher speeds. It also serves as a fluffer and inverter," says Gary McCrea, Ag Shield Mfg., Benito, Manitoba.
  The 2-wheeled, 7-ft. wide reconditioner is equipped with a pair of 12-in. dia. steel rollers on front and a pair of curved, 8-ft. long poly deflectors behind them. The shields can be hydraulically shifted either to the left or right to set swaths onto dry ground. Or, with both shields positioned straight back you can fluff the swath and set it back onto the same ground. The rollers are chain-driven by a pto-driven hydraulic pump. The rig's hitch doubles as an oil reservoir.
  "As far as we know it's the first conditioner that can also be used as an inverter or fluffer. It can even eliminate the need for a mower-conditioner because it runs more efficiently than other conditioners on the market. You can mow and then use our conditioner," says McCrea. "The ability to both condition and invert the swath saves 1 to 3 days drying time on most crops. You can use it at speeds up to 13 or 14 mph compared to 5 to 7 mph for most conditioners and cover 20 to 40 acres per hour. The large crimper rollers allow the faster speeds. Most conditioners are equipped with small 5 or 6-in. dia. rollers which are more likely to plug up, especially at fast speeds. The big rollers on our conditioner run fast and pull the swaths apart without plugging up. The rollers can be set to not crimp much - just fluff. They open automatically whenever the machine is raised, so if they ever do plug up you can usually solve the problem without ever leaving the tractor seat.
  "Growers who export their hay to Japan really like this machine because it lets them condition and fluff the hay aggressively and quickly dry it down to 10 to 12 percent moisture. They can spend one or two hours in the morning conditioning and fluffing and then bale hay in the afternoon. Another advantage is that the machine can be transported at highway speeds without the need for a trailer."
  Sells for less than $9,000 plus S&H (U.S.).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ag Shield Mfg., Box 9, Benito, Manitoba, Canada R0L 0C0 (ph 800 561-0132 or 204 539-2000; fax 2130; Website: www.agshield.com; E-mail: sales@agshield.com).

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