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Collapsible Extension For Grain Trucks, Semi Trailers
"You can quickly increase the capacity of grain trucks and semi trailers with our electric-operated, collapsible extension that raises or lowers in seconds with the flip of a switch," says Kurt Schmeichel, Tarp Products, Courtenay, N. Dak.
  The extension consists of a lightweight aluminum frame that bolts to the top of the trailer and heavy duty, vinyl-coated nylon "bellows-type" sides that are available in heights from 18 to 30 in. Electro-mechanical actuators that operate off the truck's battery are used to raise or lower the frame. The actuators are activated by flipping a switch located on front of the trailer.
  "Extensions are available in lengths from 10 to 50 ft. We install it at our factory. It really helps with lightweight crops like sunflowers where, even when the trailer is full, you're still under the legal road weight limit. An extension with 24-in. high sides mounted on a 42-ft. long trailer adds about 535 bu. of capacity; 30-in. high sides add up to 675 bu. of extra capacity. You can mount your original tarp on top. When the extension isn't needed you can lower it all the way down in order to reduce wind resistance and increase fuel economy."
  A unit with 30-in. high sides designed for a 42-ft. long trailer sells for about $4,600.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tarp Products, Box 125, Courtenay, N. Dak. 58426 (ph and fax 701 435-2200 or 888 447-4937)

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