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Portable Pit Pump
A new portable pit pump was a big hit with Danish farmers who crowded around its manufacturer's exhibit at Agromek.
  The portable unit consists of a hydraulic-driven pump mounted at the end of a flexible length of plastic tubing. Hydraulic hoses tie to the tubing.
  To fill a liquid manure tank, you simply drop the pump down into a pit where needed and hook the hoses up to tractor hydraulics. What farmers like about the portable unit is that it's easy to carry from pit to pit and the hydraulic pump has plenty of power to compare favorably with stationary or wheeled pumps. And when you're done hauling manure, it can also be used to pump water. For example, maybe you're digging a ditch and it fills up overnight with water. You just drop the pump down into the hole and pump it out.
  There are three sizes ranging from a 125 gal. per min. unit with a 1 1/2-in. dia. hose to a 600 gal. per min. unit with a 4-in. dia. hose.
  Contact: AgriScandi AB, Ostergatan 18, SE-531-32 Lidkoping, Sweden (ph/fax 011 46 510 676 70).

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