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Unusual Hobbies Keep Retired Salesman Busy
Retired seed corn and feed salesman Paul Lokre, of Madelia, Minn., has three unusual hobbies to keep him occupied now that he's no longer calling on farmer customers.
Toy Tractor Clocks - "They make great Christmas gifts," says Paul of his newest hobby of turning toy tractors into attractive clocks. He hides the battery and clock mechanism behind one of the rear wheels and drills out the axle to attach the hands and stem. Roman numerals glued to the face of the tire tell the time.
By sawing them in half, Paul is able to make two mounted clocks out of each tractor. Or, you can buy complete, free standing tractors with one or both rear wheels equipped with clocks. He sells all major makes of "half tractor" clocks mounted on a wood base in your choice of walnut, cedar or apple wood for $50 each. Unmounted whole tractors with a clock in one rear wheel sell for $70. Prices include shipping.
Old Telephone Conversions - Over the years, Paul has acquired one of the nation's largest private collections of old telephones. He also fixes, repairs and supplies missing parts for old telephones. He's also figured out a way to rig old telephones with modern dials and ringers, allowing them to be used as regular operating phones. If you have an old family heirloom phone, Paul will equip it with a dial ringer and wiring. Conversions cost from $35 and up, depending on the type of antique phone, whether the dial goes outside or inside the phone cabinet, the number of missing original parts he has to make or supply, and so forth.
Old Car Emblems - Paul started collecting old car emblems about 50 years ago and today has more than 2,500 of them, all neatly displayed on three 4 by 8 ft. boards which he proudly displays at fairs and shows. He also buys, sells and trades radiator and body emblems from old cars. His outstanding collection - one of the biggest and best in the U.S. - includes such a rare finds as Empire, Brush, Haynes, Reno, Rabbit, Appleton and Little Giant.
For more information on his toy tractor clocks, antique telephones or old car emblems, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Lokre, 122 Dill St., Madelia, Minn. 56062 (ph 507 642-3689).

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