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"Bin Buster" Helps Open Stuck Grain Wells
Opening stuck bin wells is a lot easier with the new "Bin Buster". All you do is pull on the end of a steel handle mounted outside the bin.
  The 4-ft. handle attaches to the existing bin well rod. A bracket bolts to the side of the bin.
  To open the bin well you simply pull on the handle, which provides the leverage to pull the rod straight out. "It's a safe, reliable way to open the well and can be used on all your bins," says the company. If the rod on your bin is already equipped with a "T"-type handle, one of the brackets can be slipped over it and pinned on."
  "Most existing bin well rods are equipped with T-type handles that can freeze or rust shut during the winter when farmers want to unload grain. To solve the problem many of them try placing a prybar on one side of the handle, but that can cause the handle to twist and break. Our Bin Buster provides an even pull straight back to solve the problem," says the company.
  Sells for $49 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Spreader, Inc., Hwy. 136, Box 189, Gifford, Ill. 61847 (ph 800 428-9046 or 217 568-7219; fax 7619)

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