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Round Bale Shredder Doubles As A Grain Feeder
You can save a trip by feeding hay and grain at the same time with this new round bale shredder and grain feeder from Bridgeview Mfg., Gerald, Sask.
  The "Bale King" is a self-loading round bale shredder that feeds shredded hay out in a windrow or into a bunk. It can also chop up straw and blow it out up to 60 ft. away for bedding. A 100-bu. grain hopper mounts in front of the shredder.
  A single flow control valve lets you adjust the speed of the auger so you can precisely control the amount of grain deposited on the windrow.
  "It lets you feed cattle a total ration in one pass," says Sheldon Skitcko, company representative. "The hopper lets you feed grain, rolled grain, silage, or supplements in one easy step. Metering a little grain on top of a windrow is a great way to improve the utilization of lower quality bales. Livestock will clean up the windrow as they eat the grain trickling down through the windrow. The 100-bu. hopper is big enough to feed larger herds on a single fill. The lid is opened and closed from the ground by pulling on a rope.
  "You can also use the rig to shred silage bales. A spring-loaded handle adjusts hoops on top of the processing rotor, allowing you to control the rate of feed and length of cut."
  Sells for $13,000 to $17,000 (U.S.) depending on options.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bridgeview Mfg., Inc., Box 4, Hwy. 22 West, Gerald, Sask., Canada S0A 1B0 (ph 306 745-2711; fax 3364).

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