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Header Height Control For Deere Cornheads
"I've worked for a Deere dealership for seven years, always trying to solve problems for our customers. As we sold more and more 12-row cornheads we found out that farmers liked the big heads but wanted some way to automatically control cornhead height," says Chris Steidinger, of Rupiper Equipment Co., Lacon, Ill.
  Steidinger started working on the problem with his friend, Rich Gramm, and came up with a system they call "Head Sight".
  "There are other header controls on the market but they didn't do what our customers wanted. They wanted something that would be simple to install and easy to operate because there's already enough to do when operating a combine.
  "We started with a new Deere 90 Series poly cornhead and made a sensor that fits directly under the front point using two existing bolts. The spring-loaded arm follows the ground contour and is wired to a control box that also mounts on the head. We just run one wire to the cab and use the existing Dial-A-Matic controls to select from three different height settings.
  "Another thing our customers wanted was for this sensor to control their Deere Contour Master feederhouse that tips the head to follow the ground. Deere offers sonar sensors to do this but they are mounted too far back on the head and are sensitive to grass and trash. We designed our system so it controls both the Contour Master and the Dial-A-Matic functions at the same time. A cornhead with our Head Sight installed will operate exactly like a soybean platform in the field.
  "Head Sight lets the cornhead return to operating height with one touch of the down button versus having to hold the button until the head is down.
  "The first customers who tested our Head Sight system liked it but wanted even better height control. In dry conditions, you could run the metal points right along the ground but in evening or early in the morning, trash would build up on the points. They could switch to position two, which raises the head about 2 in. But in downed corn, customers said this was not enough. We solved the problem by adding a variable trim switch that gives us infinite control in each of the three operating positions. Now in trashy conditions, you can raise the header just enough to go over the trash but still pick up down crops.
  "One other neat feature of our Head Sight is that you can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 sensors, depending on your needs. The more uneven ground you have, the more sensors you might want to install. All sensors are the same so they're easy to install or repair.
  "After operating this system for three seasons we've tested it with a number of customers so we're ready to put the system on the market.
  "We sell the basic unit including control box, indicator, and two sensors with all hardware needed for $1,100. Fits any 90 Series cornhead and we're also working to fit 40 Series heads."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rupiper Equipment Co., RR1, Box 143A, Lacon, Ill. 61540 (ph 800-693-4960 or 309-246-2645).

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