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Calf Catch Gate Works Great
thel Quinn farms by herself near Flatbush, Alberta, so she values any idea that makes her job easier. That's why she's so pleased with her calf-catch gate that takes the stress out of catching calves that need treatment.
  The sliding "calf gate" works on any ordinary fence panel.
  Quinn set up a 10 by 30-ft. catch pen along one wall. She installed a sliding gate on one side. To entice the calves inside she puts a bale inside the pen. Calves come and go as they please and when Ethel sees an animal that needs medical attention, she simply slides the calf gate shut. She also uses the calf gate as a creep pen to provide extra water or grain to calves without competition from cows. And she feeds chopped silage in the pen for the last six weeks before selling the calves.
  To make the sliding gate, she cut out about 3 ft. of the second and third bars on the end of a fence panel. Then she made a replacement section with two pieces of bar made from smaller diameter pipe that slides inside the calf panel pipes. An upright slides back and forth on the horizontal pipe above and below. The gate opens about 3 ft. wide.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ethel Quinn, General Delivery, Flatbush, Alberta, Canada T0G 02) (ph 780 681-2230).

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