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Breeding Tool Lets You Select Sex of Offspring
A first-of-its-kind new breeding instrument lets you select the sex of offspring in dairy cows, beef cows and horses with more than 90 percent accuracy, according to the manufacturer.
  Advanced Bovine Technologies LLC of Corrales, N.M., says its Ovatec vaginal probe can be used to determine the best time to inseminate to produce male or female offspring.
  "We've discovered that we can control the sex of offspring by breeding at a specific time in relation to the time of ovulation. We're also able to dramatically increase conception rates," says Jim Johnson, president. "The unit also helps detect infection, cysts, silent heat, early ovulators, late ovulators and nutritional problems with the herd."
  Here's how it works.
  The Ovatec takes readings of estrogen, electrolytes and ions in the vaginal mucus. This information is translated into a numerical reading. That reading will be 90 or slightly above for any cow that is not in estrus and doesn't have an infection. As estrus occurs, the numbers will drop to a low point, usually in the mid 30s to mid 40s, before returning to 90 as they come out of estrus. Ovulation occurs between 60 and 80 as the numbers rise. "By breeding when the numbers are on the decline, within 10 points of the bottom number, we achieve over 90 percent female offspring," says Johnson. "By breeding when the numbers are on the rise, as close to ovulation as possible, we achieve over 90 percent male offspring.
  "The reasoning behind this is simple. The sperm carrying the male chromosomes swim faster but die off much quicker. The sperm carrying the female chromosomes, though swimming slower, live much longer. Therefore, by inseminating close to ovulation, the male sperm outswim the female sperm creating a male embryo. By inseminating 12 to 18 hours before ovulation, the male sperm have died off leaving only the female sperm to inseminate the egg.
  "Most of our customers are averaging 80 to 90 percent conception on the first service. We can also determine what sex the offspring is in a pregnant animal as early as 10 days after insemination."
  The Ovatec sells for $2,500. References from users are available upon request.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Advanced Bovine Technologies LLC, 7670 Corrales Rd., Corrales, N.M. 87048 (ph 888 474-5123 or 505 286-5067; fax 5070).

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