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"Quick Hinge" Kit Helps Hang Gate On Post
Hanging a gate on a wooden post and keeping it adjusted correctly is easy with this quick hinge kit invented by Ohio farmer Jeff Debevoise.
  "It eliminates the need to drill into the post and if you need to raise the gate later due to snow or mud, you just loosen the clamps and raise them," says Debevoise.
  He built the hinges by making a "saddle" out of 2-in. wide strips of 10-ga. steel bent over a 7-in. dia. pipe in a vise. The straps consist of 7-in. dia. hose clamps cut in half and opened up, hooking each end through slots in the saddle. A 2-in. hinge pin made from 5/8-in. dia. round stock attaches to the saddle. The gate simply fits over the pin. Two 1-in. long 1/4-in. dia. lag screws go through the saddle into the post.
  To hang a gate, you install the bottom unit at the desired unit. Then set the gate on the bottom hinge. Then prop up the other end of the gate on blocks to align the top pin and tighten down the top hinge clamp.
  "Lets you install gates in remote locations without the need for power equipment and it holds as solid as any other gate hinge I've seen," says Debevoise.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jeff Debevoise, Trail Creek Farm, 7051 Licking Trails Rd. S.E., Newark, Ohio 43055.

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