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"Calf Fence" Handy For Working Cattle
Stan and Frances Harder of St. Brides, Alberta, say their hand-held "calf fence" is a great way to work their Red Angus cattle.
"No matter how quiet your cows are there's always a potential for danger when you're working in a small pen," says Frances. "When we have to treat a calf, we drop the fence between the cow and calf. One person holds it there while the other treats the calf. You can crowd the cow back a bit with the fence, if needed."
The Harders also find the calf fence useful when sorting cow-calf pairs.
"Cows can get very protective," says Stan. "If you put the gate between yourself and the calf, you can move that calf anywhere you want and the cow won't attack you. We have never yet had a cow even threaten us when we had this between ourselves and the calf." The dimensions of the mini-fence are 6 ft. long by 22 in. high. The five dividing boards are 1 by 2 in. making the fence panel light and easy to hold. The fence has a crossbrace on each end with two "V's" to supply four more braces. The horizontal boards and V-shaped braces are bolted together.
"It's the most effective tool we've come up with for handling cattle. We use it to sort cattle from day one. As soon as our cattle see this fence, they realize it is time to move. And if a cow is trying to get by you, this gives you an extra 6 ft. of reach."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan & Frances Harder, Box 86, St. Brides, Alberta T0A 2V0 Canada (ph 403 645-1881).

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