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Bulk Feed Bins Made From Old Fuel Barrels
Old fuel barrels combined with hog waterers can be turned into low-cost bulk feed bins, says Stanley Meng, Oregon, Mo., who used a 300-gal. fuel tank and an 80-gal. hog waterer to build a bin for his hogs.
Meng bought a rusted-out 300-gal. fuel tank at a farm sale for $25. He cut a hole in the top of the tank to fill it and cut another hole in the bottom where he bolted on an old 80-gal., cone-shaped hog waterer. He used "liquid metal" to seal the cracks. He welded four 3 1/2-in. angle iron legs onto the sides of the tank, making sure the legs were long enough for a 5-gal. bucket to fit under the tank. Then he used flat iron and sheet metal to make a sliding trap door. He also added steps up to the top of the bin.
"I've made two of these bins. They stand about 10 ft. high and are just the right size for mixing and storing 1/2 to 1 ton of feed. Also, they don't cost much to build," says Meng. "The bins themselves are 6 ft. high and 48 in. in diameter. I keep the bins in my feed shed and use a grinder-mixer to fill them. I already had the hog waterers. I used the cylinder bars off an old combine to make the steps.
"I've also used 500-gal. fuel tanks to make a pair of feed storage bins for my cattle. I laid each tank on its side and cut out part of it lengthwise, then welded hinges on to make a door and welded steel æfeet' on in order to keep it from rolling. I bought the fuel tanks at local farm auctions for $25 to $50 apiece." Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stanley Meng, 31003 Quebec Road, Oregon, Mo. 64473 (ph 660 446-2863).

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