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J B Weld Used To Repair Radiator
James McGowan, Russell Springs, Ky.: When the radiator on his 1950's International Cub tractor froze, James took it to a local radiator shop where he was told the only fix was a new radiator.
"But I had some extra time and couldn't justify the expense of a new radiator," he says. "So I got some J.B. Weld from our local K-Mart, mixed it up, and applied it liberally to both sides of the radiator where the cores were pushed out. I let it cure and dry for about a week, then filled the bottom two cores with silicone caulk, which I also allowed to cure and dry for a week. I pressure-tested the radiator and it seemed fine. In fact, it held water and anti-freeze without leaking until I traded the tractor off a year or two later. As far as I know, it still does.
"Cost was $4 or $5 for J.B. Weld and $3 for the tube of silicone caulk."

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