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Deep Chisel As You Cultivate
"It's great for taking out wheel tracks, and for deep chiseling between rows as you cultivate," says John Blessent, inventor and manufacturer of the patented new chisel-cultivator. "The ripper shanks bite deep to shatter root-restricting soil compaction. Topsoil remains virtually undisturbed."
It's equipped with dual 3 pt. hitches - one in front which hooks the toolbar to the tractor, and one in back to carry the cultivator or other 3-pt. tool. Ripper shanks with hardsurface points can be spaced on the toolbar at whatever intervals you select. For example, you can run a ripper shank behind each wheel to take out the wheel tracks. Or, you can run one in every row, or every other row.
Models are available with up to 12 shanks (30 in. spacing) and with category ll or lll hitches (Category IV will be available soon). New models are equipped with spring loaded shanks which reset automatically if they hit a rock.
A 4-row model (38 to 40 in. rows) with 5 in. square toolbar (160 in. long) and 3 adjustable ripper shanks with replaceable points and brackets sells for $995 without gauge wheels. A 6-row model, with 5 in. toolbar 180 in. long, and 5 adjustable ripper shanks, sells for $1,295. A pair of adjustable gauge wheels and brackets sells for $180. Individual adjustable chisel shanks, with replaceable points and brackets for mounting on either 5 or 6 in. square toolbar or cultivator frames, sell for $175 each. Other models and prices quoted on request.
In addition to working with a rowcrop cultivator, the chisel-cultivator can be used in various field operations, such as light subsoiling, or breaking the soil for second cropping after wheat or other crop. With optional shanks, fertilizer application can be combined with other operations to save time and money.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Blessent Mfg. Co., Gardner, Ill. 60424 (ph. 815 237-8670).

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